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MacLeod’s Plumbing and Heating is certified to repair and install all brands of furnaces. Certainly, you and your family can take comfort knowing that a certified technician will be providing your heating service needs. Additionally to furnace installs and repairs, we also offer ductwork installation and repairs for your heating and cooling systems.

For your furnace needs, we want to give you the best for your home. High-efficiency furnaces have many benefits. First of all, they will save you money long term. Moreover, they last longer as they have a built-in system to remove moisture within the heat exchanger. Another positive aspect, they have better performance with more impressive air flow. You will also breathe healthier air, thanks to the better filtration systems. Lastly, they are better for the environment as they use less fuel and have lower emissions of carbon dioxide.

With safety in mind, our technicians can tackle almost any heating job for your home. Therefore, if you are looking to repair your furnace, replace your hot water tank, or need a professional to install your gas fitting, MacLeod’s Plumbing & Heating has got you covered. Furthermore, we believe in getting the job done right in the first place; as a result, our top priorities include being reliable, and keeping you safe.

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